Real Estate Drone Cinematography

We Insert Your Project Into Real Cityscape Video Footage

Are you an Architect? Stunning drone cinematography is better and costs less than complete exterior 3D rendering

Bringing Your Architectural Vision to Life

At Faraday 3D, we create beautiful 3D architectural exterior videos that combine your design with the actual real-life location. This unique and powerful off-plan property promotion shows your building project in the most realistic way possible!

‘Wow’ Partners and Investors

Our drone-architecture videos are powerful and high quality. It’s like a Hollywood movie where your building is the star. Investors and partners will be amazed by your vastly superior demonstration that:

  • Showcases the project in an exciting and unique way
  • Brings your architectural project to life before it’s been built
  • Saves up to 50% reduction in 3D rendering costs (and saves time too!)

How 3D Architecture Cinematography Works

Send Us Your Ready-Made 3D Building Model

Based on your model and figures, we create a 3D mock of the building with the right volume and scope.

We Make a Professional Aerial Drone Video

Tell us the location for the project. We source or create* high-quality aerial drone video footage of the actual space that surrounds the future building.

We Put Your 3D Model Into the Movie

Just like movie special effects, we integrate your 3D building model into the drone video with music and text if desired.

See This Amazing Example Of What You Can Have!


Drone Footage Plan

20 days turnaround time

$ 5500
Flat price
  • Full project completion
  • No hourly charges
  • Money-back guarantee*

What You Get

  • Up to two full minutes of 3D “fly by” video including an introduction with building details
  • Music /soundtrack
  • Beautiful quality drone footage
  • 3D building recreation
  • Building integration
  • 3 photo-montages with desired camera positions
  • Guaranteed to excite your audience

Money-back guarantee: sometimes it’s just not possible to have a good camera position because of lots of obstacles: trees, cars, buildings, people… If this is the case, you have an only possible solution to do everything in 3D, which is a more expensive project (see “Complete 3D plan”). If you’re not interested in ordering “Complete 3D Plan”, we will refund all your money. No questions asked.

Free drone footage is available for most larger US cities (1 million people or more). If your city is one of these, it will be included in your package. If not, transportation charges could be added.

Complete 3D Plan

Turnaround time: starting from 50 days

$ 12000
Starting Price
  • Hourly charges
  • No Money-back guarantee
  • Price for rendering - varies*

What You Get​

  • Up to two minutes of 3D “fly by” video including an introduction with building details
  • Music /soundtrack
  • Building itself and all surroundings recreated in 3D
  • Unlimited 3D renders with desired camera positions

Suitable if you don’t have a way to do a drone footage:

  • A lot of distraction: people, cars, trees, other buildings…
  • Not a suitable season or weather. For example, it’s not possible to have a sunny summer day drone video done in the winter time.

Price for rendering – varies: We’re using the best cloud rendering service Rebusfarm for rendering 3D videos. It’s quick, it’s reliable and cheaper than other options. But the final price for rendering depends on many technical factors. One of them is quality: the more photo-realistic results needed, the higher the price would be. Keep that in mind.


How do we make a video if the property is not built yet?

This is what makes our videos so amazing. We use powerful software and our own skill to combine real-life video with our architectural 3D visualization of your project. It’s this combination that makes it so effective and powerful.

Why not do everything in 3D as other studios do?

Trying to mock up an actual setting in 3D has many problems and disadvantages:

  • 3D visualization studio experience level. Not many studios could do really good quality exterior visualization videos. 
  • 3D artists labor price. For many projects, for example, if your property is in the middle of a city – the cost of modeling the surrounding buildings is extremely high, as much as several times the cost of real-life integration.
  • 3D Video rendering is a very time-consuming and expensive process.

Why is 3D real-life visualization better?

  • We use 3D visualization creation only for your building. We don’t model any surrounding buildings. This means the setting is not only perfectly accurate but 100% realistic.  It’s special effects magic, just like in movies. 
  • The quality of our work is impeccable – there is nothing more photo-realistic than the real video itself and we take great care to integrate your new building perfectly.
  • You don’t have to go to the expense of 3D rendering and entire cityscape (or settling for poor quality rendering done quickly), because there is only one single object in 3D – your new building or structure. 

What our clients say

Jeremy Biddinger
Architect at RVC Architects, Inc.
Dimitri and Faraday 3D have been great to work with. He delivers a service we cannot currently provide in-house, does it on time and on budget. We have worked with Dimitri several times and will continue to utilize his expertise in the future. The quality of his work speaks for itself.
thomas inpercepta as
Thomas Knutsen
Owner, Inpercepta AS
What stands out is their  professionalism in all their work. From the planning phase to the design process.  It’s a pleasure to work with a “yes we can do that” mentality company. The finished project did exactly what it was meant to do – improve my marketing materials.

Our Expert Team

At Faraday 3D Studios, our goal is your complete satisfaction. Our vision is to offer incredible 3D marketing solutions to engage (and amaze) prospects and increase property leases and sales!


Dimitri Bobkov


Igor Bobkov

Head of 3D Team

Benefits of 3D Drone Cinematography

Saves Money

Slash 3D rendering costs by 50% from the expense of rendering even a 1-2 min video clip.

Highest Quality

Nothing looks as professional and realistic as a true-to-life drone video.

Out-market the competition

Stand out, and easily generate the interest of a customer that you simply can’t get from ordinary 3D visualization.

Create Trust

What could be more trustworthy for the city planning department than a real video?

Highlight More Property Features

Using aerial photos and videos, you can highlight more key elements of the future property that buyers want to see.

Save Time – Move Faster

We guarantee 20 days guaranteed turnaround time after drone footage is done. It’s enough time to apply all your revisions.

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